Our complex environment overwhelms and stultifies our senses and our psyches. With so much stimuli vying for our attention, we become senseless. Combating this senselessness we need to develop discrimination, selectivity and expression.
"Every day something new" reveals helplessness combined with lack of inner conviction, and always eager to flatter the worst instincts of us all. It means change for change's sake, change for the sake of high-pressure salesmanship. It means demoralization. Stemming from this, public taste today is formed mainly by publicity and the media. By these it can be educated or corrupted. Responsible are those who act as censors and level down the designs of the artists to their own conception of the public's taste. They are supposed to feed the assembly line in the speediest way and as a safeguard they judge the public taste lower than it really is. Their educational responsibility in the arts seems to have no claim to existence.
Whatever may be the language one happens to inherit, it is at once a tool and a trap. It is a tool because with it we order our experience, matching the data abstracted from the flux about us with linguistic units: words, phrases, sentences. What is true of verbal language is also true of visual "languages": we match the data from the flux of visual experience with image-cliches, with the stereotypes of one kind or another, according to what we have been taught to see.
The visual artist's vocabulary for expressing ideas and feelings are the tools of drawing, composition, and technique. These can be formulated. However. Before you can work effectively with these tools, one must learn how to use them, to explore all the directions they can be pushed. Then it becomes easy to control and be relaxed with them. This, I believe, is the journey from skilled craftsman to artist.
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